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Herbal Extract Plants


Herbal plant parts are disintegrated (Chopped) by hammer mill. The raw material which consists of wood chips, barks, seeds etc is fed to hammer mill by hopper. The hammer mill will reduce the size of raw material to 1mm to 10mm. This disintegrated raw material is fed to pulverizer for further size reduction i.e to make powder. The fines and coarse material is separated by using cyclone separator and bag filter. Flowers, buds, leaves etc which doesn't need Hammer mill operation is pulverized directly. The fines and coarse m aterial is separated by using cyclone separator and bag filter. Vibro sifter is a vibrating platform used to separate the material according to their sizes. The material which is coarser (i.e. 25 + mesh) will be recycled back to the hopper of the hammer mill for re-pulverization. Very fine material like dust (i.e. -50 mesh) is disposed or processed with differed process parameters. The material size of – 25 mesh up to + 25 mesh is main material to be processed. This material is then charged to the reactor to extract soluble matter in batches. Herbal product is batched, weighed and along-with water it is charged into extractor/s. The execrator/s is/are heated indirectly with steam under atmospheric conditions. The extraction process is then carried out with continuous mixing of slurry for a specific time and temperature in batches. After this process the mixture of extract and non-soluble part is discharged to slurry holding tanks. The extract drawn from extractor will be loaded into the slurry holding tanks alternatively. The either slurry tank then will pass on the slurry stored in proportion as per batch size to further processing. The further process is separation of soluble and non soluble.